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From now on, our training “De-escalating Emotion and Aggression” is also available in English!

How do you calm down emotions? How do you stop aggressive behavior? What is the difference between anger and aggression? How do you ensure that you don’t come up with what would have been useful to do afterwards, but during the situation? How can you act effectively early on, so that the tension does not escalate more than necessary? What if the situation becomes dangerous?

During this training course, employees will get answers to these questions and more. The training provides insight and practical tools for dealing with difficult situations. All theory is discussed interactively and in a practical manner. Subsequently, the transition is made from “understanding in calmness” to actually “being able to act under pressure”, by practicing skills in role playing. Employees will leave the training course more resilient and skilled.

Remarks from participants:

  • This training was exactly what my team needed!
  • Love it. Please come back!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed. Very insightful, made me aware of how better to control my emotions. Great! Highly recommended.
  • Very happy with everything I learned here today and what I can take with me to use at home and at work.
  • The training was very helpful and gave a lot of useful tips on how to deal with aggressive behavior.
  • I felt it was very informative and a great learning experience. It taught me a lot about staying calm and resolving heightened situations accordingly and professionally.

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