Training course on Saba

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In march 2024 DDACT provided training courses ‘De-escalating emotion and aggression’ for employees of Saba Government in the Caribbean.

Over 30 employees from various departments like Airport, Finance, HRM, Harbor, Water Plant, Waste Management, Community Development and Culture, Agriculture/Vector Control and Hygiene followed the course in mixed groups.

The training course was a big success and received an evaluation score of 9.6 out of 10!

Participants got answers to the following questions and more during this training course:

  • Knowledge of difficult behavior and assessing situations:
    What forms of difficult behavior exist? What is emotion? What is aggression? What is the difference between an angry customer and an aggressive customer?
  • Stress and self-awareness:
    What happens to my own emotions during a difficult situation? What is the explanation for stress? Why do I often come up with what would have been smarter to do afterwards? How do I stay calm enough to maintain an overview in the moment?
  • Communication skills:
    How do I bring down emotions, so that a reasonable conversation is possible again? How do I stop aggressive behavior, while maintaining the relationship? How do I professionally set boundaries?
  • Collaboration and teamwork:
    How can we be more unified as a team and consistent in dealing with difficult behavior? How can we help each other with this?

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